MODULE 3: Managing Debt and Building Credit

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Lesson 2: Paying Off Debt & Improving Credit Utilization

Part 1: Grasping Debt and Credit Utilization In the opening segment, we dissect the core concepts of debt and credit utilization. Credit utilization signifies the ratio of your credit card balances to their respective credit limits. A lower credit utilization rate can boost your credit score, one of the essential metrics for financial wellbeing. Did

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Lesson 1: The Different Types of Debt and How They Affect Credit Scores 

To illustrate, consider two case studies, ‘Case Study: Revolving Debt’ and ‘Case Study: Installment Debt.’ Through these real-life scenarios, you’ll learn how both types of debts can impact credit scores. Case Study: Revolving Debt – “The Balancing Act of Credit Cards” Overview Meet John. He is a freelance graphic designer who uses his credit card

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Renew Your Finances This Easter Season with Universal Recovery Consultants

🌷🐰 Hop into Spring with Renewed Finances from Universal Recovery Consultants! 🐣   Spring is a season of renewal and rebirth, and Easter is a time to celebrate new beginnings and blessings. 🐣 At Universal Recovery Consultants, we believe that this Easter season is the perfect time to start fresh with your finances, and we’re

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